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The Igloo advantage

Igloo is the top SharePoint alternative.

Cost-effective service at every stage

Igloo implementation packages will get you up and running quickly. From strategic consulting and design to training and adoption planning, our complete suite of professional services will guide you through every stage of your digital workplace transformation.

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Purpose-built solutions 

Igloo’s pre-built digital workplace solutions are designed to solve specific business challenges. Choose from a portfolio of 20+ industry-leading solutions, including a Newsroom, Onboarding Center, Virtual Townhall, or Leadership Corner.

Independent of SharePoint

Igloo doesn't rely on SharePoint for core functionality which allows us to deliver a regular cadence of product updates and maintain a best-in-class feature set that is easy to use, easy to maintain, and meets the scalability and security requirements of the most demanding enterprises worldwide.

Comprehensive library of integrations

The Igloo platform is highly extensible with a comprehensive library of third-party integrations to enable your organization to drive further value from Igloo solutions and your current technology investments – including Microsoft Office 365. Looking for a custom integration? Our API or custom HTML widget allows you to develop your own apps and connectors.

Powerful search

With unified search, your employees can quickly find, surface, and access files from a single search interface ― no matter where the files are stored, including SharePoint Online, Box, Dropbox, and Igloo.

Simple management, flexible desig

Igloo makes it easy to build, change, and maintain a digital workplace that aligns with your organization’s unique needs and brand. With little-to-no technical expertise, you can configure the structure and visual design using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.  

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You need a collaboration tool that's user friendly and simple to manage.

Reduce intranet complexity  |  Encourage employee engagement  |  Speed up time to value

Not all SharePoint competitors are created equal

We get it. Many SharePoint customers are faced with a sprawling, complex implementation that's disengaging end users, and a fragmented management approach that's creating security vulnerabilities. 

It's time for a solution that ties together document management, team collaboration, and more, into a single destination – one that's user-friendly, simple to manage, encourages employee participation, and integrates with the apps and tools that are helping drive your success.

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